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Acer Aspire One AOA-110 Power On But Screen Remain Blank


Acer Aspire One AOA-110 the power ON but still the screen remain no display or blank. If you’re the one encountered this problem, the possible solution is right here and I give you the details information how everything can be solve and I suggest to read carefully the information to avoid any complication.

Solution No. 1

  • Remove your battery pack and back it again. It is possible their is loose connection between the battery and Netbook.

Solution No. 2

Update you BIOS , but if you don’t know how , then the details information are below.

  • The first thing you need to prepare  USB Flash Driver. You need to use flash drive to store the BIOS information on during the update procedure.
  • The next thing you need to do is download the latest BIOS for the netbook. If you don’t where you can find that BIOS then click here. Under the link I gave to you choose NETBOOK>ASPIRE ONE>AOA110>BIOS.
  • After you downloaded the file, extract it , and inside the extracted folder open  “DOS_Flash folder” rename the BIOS file from 3310.fd to zg5ia32.fd.
  • Copy zg5ia32.fd and Flashit.exe to USB Flash Drive
  • Insert your USB Flash Drive into a USB port.
  • Press and Hold down the FN and ESC keys together and press the power button. Make sure that your AC Adapter is plugged in.
  • Once the unit’s power light comes on wait ON, wait a few seconds and release the FN and ESC keys.
  • After the keys have been released , the power light will start to blink and also start the process of BIOS update. But the display will still remain blank in the process of updating.
  • Just let the unit run and after 1 to 7 minutes approximately, the unit should reboot and the BIOS will be updated.

If the unit fails to reboot or the BIOS was not updated successfully, try the steps again and make sure you download the right BIOS file.

Note: These instructions are only for the Acer Aspire One AOA-110 and  AOA-150 netbook series and shouldn’t be performed on any other model Acer Aspire One.